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Freaky G.R.E.A.T review's presents:

Freaky G.R.E.A.T Review's Presents:

Rise Of The Dead Review

By: Nina @ The Walking Dead Fan Club

The short (non spoiler) story here is; Alcatraz Prison. When the undead 
breach the island, our heros are forced to return to the mainland 
overrun with the undead.

To start our cast, we have a decent line up.

Hemingway (who I've never heard of), plays a doctor (Dr. Lynn Snyder). 
She's an over zealous goal oriented individual who sets a goal in mind 
and will stop at nothing to see it through, even if it means she has to 
go on her own to do it.

Ethan Suplee plays a religious guy named 
Marshall (Who I've seen in a couple movies like UNSTOPPABLE 
and...nope...that's about it. Besides a TV show called MY NAME IS EARL. 
Which is a show I couldn't get
into despite my efforts to watch it a couple times). He's kind of a 
half wit, kind of a simple minded guy. But he seems to be a very gentle 
and sensitive giant of a man (and I think he's got a crush on Dr. Lynn).

LeVar Burton (who played geordi laforge in Star Trek) plays Dr. Dan Halpern, who's trying to find a cure for the zombie disease.

Trejo, who I recognize for MANY movies; like Grind House, Machete, 
Heat, CON-AIR and others, plays Captain Caspian. Danny was probably on 
my top 3 list of actors who should have played The Governor in Season 3 
of The Walking Dead. He's got the mustache and the gruff character for 

French Stewart, who plays Dr. Arnold, is most prominently 
known from his role in 3rd rock from the sun. I've seen him in other 
roles...but, again, if I can't name the role within seconds that means 
it wasn't powerful enough of a role to mean much.

I also 
recognized Chad Lindberg (who played Kyle). But I
couldn't place his face with other movies. Even looking Chad up on IMDB
and saw the list of movies he's been in, I couldn't picture his face in
any of them (besides fast and furious). He's a familiar face and that's
about it.

Other than that...there are no other major names in 
this title, unless you are one of those nerdy movie fanatics who knows 
all facts about all movies...in which case, get out of your parents' 
basement, get outside, there is a world out there!

Rise Of The 
Dead starts off with the stereotypical 'flying over the city' with 
various scenes of a zombie take over. Many aspects of these scenes are 
highly unlikely and unrealistic, such as an early car crash. Cars don't 
bounce...but apparently in this movie they do.

Often, where there
are no zombies around (as the camera has viewed plenty of angles of the
immediate area), suddenly, the character takes a couple steps and sees 
one, then suddenly they're over run with
zombies, which weren't there a moment ago.

Once the movie 
finally begins, we're at Alcatraz where a group of survivors are 
watching a video made by Dr. Arnold regarding experiments involving the
plague and working on a cure.

All is well in the prison until a 
few zombies appear at on the beach (coming out of the water). There are 
only three or four zombies which surface from the water, yet within 
seconds, there are dozens of zombies flooding through the prison.  When 
watching the scene, the survivors on the beach are clearly watching the 
zombies come out of the water. They had plenty of time to run or 
fight...yet they are completely over run.  Lots of death and blood and 

A small group make it out and begin a journey to try and 
find help, and try to find Dr. Arnold, while Dr. Dan (Geordi...or LeVar)
stays back working on a cure.

The group then divides since they could not agree on where to go and what to

Here is where things go from bad to worse. The first group 
of survivors find themselves on a large bridge (which looks like the 
hi-way from The Walking Dead Season 2) and all is quiet. Then, the worst
and cheesiest scenario happens. The zombies climb up the bridge 
(because apparently all these zombies are aquatic and come up from the 
water). A dozen or more zombies climb a bridge like they are spiders and
a little bridge fight begins. There are a bunch of ridiculous events 
that happen in this fight. Survivors get into a car to get away from the
dead...and the dead tip the car over. That's friggin weak!  Then the 
fight ends, when a very large computer generated explosion kills all of 
the zombies (all of them). Because apparently every single one of them 
were pushing the car over.

The group finds a pregnant woman (who 
was in the car crash from the intro scene). The worst part of this scene
is the baby. They clearly used a plastic

We move on past the bridge and find ourselves in the city,
and a bunch of drama comes up, merging to group 2 who's trying to get 
into a building to look for supplies. The best part about this scene is 
how Kyle (Chad Lindberg) gets to the parking lot and can't get into the 
inside perimeter because there is a 7 or 8 foot chain linked fence with 
posters all over it saying, 'stay out'. He pushes against the signs and 
walks around stressed out. Apparently the apocalypse has rendered people
unable to climb over fence. And, in typical cookie cutter fashion of 
this movie, before long a single zombie appears, then another and 
another and another. It should be mentioned that Kyle is in an open 
environment (a parking lot). There is no reason why a zombie should have
got the jump on him. But they do.

The movie continues to 
bouncing between group 1 and group 2 while trying to get supplies and 
escape from the dead. while Dr. Dan (LaVar) continues
to work on a cure. As the movie continues, he does come up with a 
really weak cure. The cure seems weak.  Dr. Dan knows about the enzymes 
etc, that are responsible and discovers a weak way to retract the 

Group 1 and group 2 end up somehow meeting up together 
while this insanely large hoard is attacking and they escape in a large 

Then comes what I call 'the human centipede' scene. The 
grope finds themselves in yet another city, and one character learns 
she's pregnant. In The Human Centipede, there's a particular scene where
a 9 month pregnant woman is hit over the head and deemed dead as per 
her limp body. Later in the movie, the pregnant woman dashes to her feet
and escapes her tortured captivity and gets into a car and it about to 
escape when she literally gives birth in the vehicle. The new born baby 
then somehow falls under the gas and brake pedals and she presses really
hard on the gas pedal to try and escape.
She crushes her baby's head (obviously killing it) and ends up like 
crashing the car or something. Either way, this scene is highly 
unbelievable. No new mommy is going to kill her child who's only been 
alive for seconds or minutes. She would sacrifice her life for her baby!
Thus, in 'the human centipede' scene of this movie, it involves a 
little city trolly cart thing and an explosion. I personally don't 
believe once this chick found out she was pregnant that she would take 
such drastic measures (especially when she had her group of 3 who were 
willing to support her fully!). Just doesn't make sense at all.

the city, we find ourselves in some industrial building. More zombies 
and running and zombie killings. Many cheesy zombie killings (including a
terrible electrocution).

And with zombies still chasing them, they get through a door to find what they were looking for (which I'm not gonna spoil).

NIN'A G.R.E.A.T. SCORE goes as

g-ore: The make-up had its good and bad moments.  The 
zombies which were given a close up looked pretty good.  Then in other 
scenes, zombies seen in the distance didn't have as much detail of gore 
or decomposition.  Some zombies have really messed up faces and others 
are less so.  There is a scene where the doctor cuts a part of his arm 
(127 hours anyone?) to feed one of his zombie specimens to keep them 
'alive' so he can study them more.  I have a hard enough time with a 
paper cut or biting off a hang nail.  Have you ever had an animal bite 
you (even a little hamster?). It hurts!  So cutting a part of your own 
hand/arm off...it wouldn't be as easy.  And there wasn't nearly as much 
blood as there should have been.  Rise of the zombies had 'typical' 
gore.  There weren't any scenes that made me cringe.  Gore gets a 4.5/10

As far as realism goes, the zombies are
probably the most realistic part of the whole movie.  They look pretty 
decent over all.  Other than that, we have a group of people who divide 
themselves before their journey even begins because they can't decide 
where to go.  One group (who were the big gruff macho men) get ambushed 
by zombies and well, you can use your imagination.  Group 2 (who had 
weaker and more timid people in it) somehow fight off several very 
intense zombie fights.  Zombie climbing bridges is really weak.  A woman
who finds out she's pregnant and takes drastic measures is also very 
unrealistic.  Zombies which appear out of no where is unrealistic.  The 
ending of this movie is also unrealistic (no closure at all).  Realism 
gets a 2/10

e-ntertainment:  The only exciting part of this 
movie involved zombie attacks.  The zombie attacks got more aggressive 
as the movie progressed.  I think the lack of realism for
the movie as a whole ruined the entertainment value.  Just when the 
group get some place where you think you're going to get answers about 
something, nothing happens.  There was a scene where the Dr. thinks he's
found a way to suppress the zombie enzyme.  There are scenes through the
movie where this method is used on a zombie (the audience is shown what
the Dr. discovered, so you wonder, 'hey...what happens if such and such
happens to a zombie').  Funny thing is...this method DOES happen to a 
couple zombies, and the camera happens to hold on said zombies...but you
see no suggestion the zombie has been effected by this method.  Even at
the end, there is a huge impact on a bunch of zombies using this 
method...but it kills them completely!  So while you're given a small 
form of hope that the doctor has figures out how to reverse the zombie 
infestation...when you see this procedure in action, it actually does 
This movie was one let down after another.  No progress, no 
improvement, no hope.  Just run, fight zombies, escape, run, fight 
zombies, escape.  I often found myself rolling my eyes waiting patiently
for the movie to end, or hoping something would happen that would 
really make up for the crap I had just seen.  Entertainment gets a 

a-cting: Acting over all wasn't horrible, except for 
Ethan Suplee (Marshall).  I felt like he was really forcing his lines 
out.  I felt like his lines didn't flow well.  Danny Trejo (Caspian), 
also felt very fake.   Heather Hemmens who played Ashley may have had 
the most realistic role.  Somehow when watching her on screen, she felt 
far more natural than anyone else.  LeVar also had his moments.  But all
in all, I wasn't buyin' it.  I'll give the acting a +1 bonus point for 
Heather's performance, giving Acting a total of

T-rills:  All in all, the movie had all it's bells and 
whistles organized.  You know what's going on at the beginning of the 
movie.  You quickly understand where they want to go and what they want 
when they get there.  Problem is, getting from POINT A to POINT B kinda 
sucks.  The only good parts of this movie are the zombie action scenes. 
Fighting zombies is pretty awesome.  The other scenes are quite a let 
down (especially the ending).  Thrills get a 2/10

Over all, Rise 
Of The Dead an obviously low budget movie. Cheesy special effects and a 
pretty rough story. There's technically no actual story. There is no 
actual closure to the story. Many of the character deaths are stupid. 
The 'cure' for the virus is a cheezy idea.

Some of the zombies look decent. But for the most part, they look like overall cheesy.

seen some bad zombie movies in the last couple
years, including Dead-girl, Day of the Dead (2008), Zone Of The Dead, 
Dead Genesis. There are a couple others I can think of (a zombie woman 
riding a horse). Rise Of the Dead is added to the list of some of the 
worst zombies movies I've seen.

Rise of the dead gets an over all score of 2.5/10

Thanks for reading all you zombie fans out there!  Keep alert, we need to watch as many good and bad zombie movies as possible so we're prepared for the zombie apocalypse.


The Walking Dead movie?

A movie version of "The Walking Dead"? It can - and will - happen, at least according to series star Chad Coleman, who plays Tyreese on AMC's zombie hit:


The Walking Dead # 113 cover?

Thanks to fan club member Monsterchief 117 for the heads up on this ! Check out the original post: RIGHT HERE


New series regular on The Walking Dead

We now have a report that claims to know who has been chosen. According to International Digital Times, Lawrence Gilliard Jr. (The Wire- pictured below) is in talks to play Roy Stark.
Previously, it was reported that this character is a “former army medic who is deeply haunted by his past — pre- and post-zombie apocalypse. As a result, he’s a bit of a loner, although he maintains a charming/self-deprecating/confident public face.”


The Walking Dead: The Complete Third Season 3 Blu-Ray Limited Edition Box Set

The Walking Dead Season 3 Limited Edition [Blu-ray]

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In this uncertain world, Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) and his band of survivors must not only fight the dead, but also face a whole new fear: the living. In this 16 episode season, the series Entertainment Weekly called the “greatest thriller ever produced for television”, Rick and his fellow survivors continue to seek refuge in a desolate and post-apocalyptic world and soon discover that there are greater forces to fear than just the walking dead. The struggle to survive has never been so perilous. This season also introduces new characters, including the Governor (David Morrissey) and fan-favorite Michonne (Danai Gurira), along with her zombie pets.


Walking Dead mini mates series 4

Fans of the Walking Dead TV show may not know how the prison storyline will end, but fans of the comic know that it will probably not end well! The fourth assortment of Walking Dead Minimates, based on the long-running comic book series by Robert Kirkman and Charlie Adlard, features one of the most hated villains in comic book history, the Governor, as well as some of his closest friends and worst enemies.
Walking Dead Minimates Series 4 brings re-unites the Governor and his lieutenants with some of the people who hated him the most. The Governor himself comes in a two-pack with his lieutenant Gabe, with whom he stormed the gates of the prison. Michonne, the woman who received the worst of the Governor’s brutality, comes with his accomplice Bruce, as well as a new poncho accessory. Rick’s wife Lori (with baby Judith) comes with a partially flayed Shoulder Zombie, and a variant of that set will replace Lori with the prison doctor and Woodbury defector, Alice.


You better not shout, you better not pout...

A Krampus Night Before Christmas
Greetings my shambling, shuffling friends.
I have been absent for awhile but for good reason, a new website is coming down the pipes, and soon
I will be writing putredly pleasant reviews about all things horror, sci fi and fantasy, not just zombies anymore. This new site will be named FREAKY GREAT REVIEWS, and I cant wait till it is up and running.
To start off this new direction, I have the perfect short story to rave about.
Upon reading it you will be transported to that magical time of year, when the cold north wind is blowing through the skeletal silouhettes of hybernating trees, and armies of parents are descending on the stores enmasse to spoil their kids rotten weather they deserve it or not.
In the old countries it is known as yuletide, a celebration of the returning of the light as the days grow longer with under tones of mischief and wicked things in the shadows, but in North America we know it as the goody gumdrop, sweet candy, present recieving holiday called Christmas.
Even though we all know that there are ample 10 year old spoiled brats who scream at their parents for santa to bring them bed springs...errr...slinkies, and Iphones, all hope is not lost and an old tradition has finally made it to North America, one that brings the fear back into the season and threatens corporal punishment at the hands of a horned beast of a man who heaps pain upon rude kids whose parents dont believe in spanking.
I am talking about KRAMPUS, the original companion of Santa Clause, who was ignored by a Christmas revisionist named Clement Moore when he penned the classic 'The Night Before Christmas' back in the 1800's and permanently changed christmas in North America.
But all is not lost, for Clement Moore has an evil doppleganger, who is here to set the story straight with the delightfully twisted tale that will introduce children to the real reason that they better not pout, shout, or cry,...why? Because Santa is sending Krampus to town!
Written by Clement GORE with illustrations by Kalyan Purohit and Gilbert Montes.
If you are the type of parent who loves taking your kid to watch the latest Tim Burton films, and every christmas day you have 'A nightmare Before Christmas' on your dvd player, then THE KRAMPUS NIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS will become the book you read to your kids on Christmas eve while tucking them into bed.
This dreadfully delicious Christmas story begins with a quote from Pope Benedict the XVI and his experience as a child with the Yule time Krampus run in his Austrian home town, and how the threat of Santa's horned demon henchmen coming for the naughty would help throughout the year to keep kids on their best behavior.
The scenes of this traditionally accurate Christmas poem are beautifully illustrated, with the addition of twisted tree ornaments and toys adorning the opposite pages, and the poem ends with a short tail as to the creation of Santa and Krampus as Giver and Punisher of the Yuletide season.
Time to bite into the meat of this G.R.E.A.T. Review.
G-raphics and illustrations: superb, creepy, and atmospheric, sure to put visions of fright into a naughty kids mind, while they lay in bed on Christmas eve pondering if they will recieve a visit from Santa, or Krampus. 9.0
R-ealism: while it is a fantastical tale of a poem, it is re-introducing people to the original story of Santa and his helper Krampus, thus putting the holiday back on its proper path. 9.0
E-ntertainment: I read this to my daughter last Christmas EVE, and I could see fear and horror in her eyes as she exclaimed " Krampus is more meaner than I thought dad", before she sunk into her comforter and pulled it up tight about her neck. so I give Entertainment a 10, because scaring my kids will always be entertaining.
A-ccuracy: This is a retelling of a classic poem, but Clement Gore has inserted part of the true tradition of christmas that was convienently left out by that stuffed shirt Clement Moore. 8.5
T-hrills: Bringing back a classic icon into the holiday season, and smashing the goody gumdrop image of Christmas sold to us from department stores filled me with a warm fuzzy feeling all over, for Krampus tis the reason for the season. So if the thoughts of local community Krampus runs, scaring naughty kids into being nice, does not give you a thrill, then nothing will. 9.0
The total G.R.E.A.T. score is 9.1 out of 10!
Knowledge of Krampus is increasing yearly along with krampus runs and pub crawls taking place in communities all across america now, and even though it will be 7 more months till you can participate in krampus festivities, in the mean time you can find a copy of A KRAMPUS NIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS by going to www.Krampus.ca
What happens to a naughty kid who recieves a visit from Krampus on Christmas eve? You will have to read A KRAMPUS NIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS to find out.
Thanks for reading, and until my next post, I will be shuffling along with the lost.


The Walking Dead Monopoly And Risk…

“USAopoly will debut a brand new map set in the southeast region of the United States where players battle and scavenge for their very lives. Contending for survival at every turn, gamers must not only fend off attacks from the living who compete for precious, limited resources upon which their survival depends , but they also must maintain their self-preservation from the unrelenting hordes of the undead that would feast upon them. A new deck of “Supply Cards” will add strategy, fun and flavor to this classic tabletop game.  Gamers can expect a fast-paced game of attrition and survival, where this time — the last man standing wins!”

Apparently “Players vie for, and then must fortify, the prime real estate and resources that will sustain their lives. There’s only one victor that will outlast the others – whether living or undead — when all is said and done. This completely customized game features six collectible tokens, optional speed play and a fight to the finish!”

Please Check out this articles SOURCE: 

Chatting with the Governor

The Walking Dead: The Governor Originally Planned To Kill Daryl First

Spoiler warning for the “This Sorrowful Life” episode of The Walking Dead. In the “This Sorrowful Life” episode of The Walking Dead, Merle Dixon took on The Governor and his army all by himself. After The Governor’s men captured Merle, The Governor insisted on handling Merle himself.

While the fight scene between The Governor and Merle was intense and showed The Governor biting off some of Merle’s fingers, it turns out there was originally more to the scene than what was shown on TV. In an interview with The Walker Stalkers, Producer and Director Greg Nicotero revealed that in the original cut the fight between The Governor and Merle was a little big longer and a little more brutal.

Nicoreto explained, “The whole time that he is beating up Merle, The Governor was saying to him, “I’m going to kill your brother. You’re going to watch him die, and you’re going to watch him torn apart. And he puts his arm into that machine and breaks it, and The Governor walks away and walks out of the shot.”

Nicotero continued, “Leaving Merle alone, and then Merle says, ‘I’m not going to beg.” And then, The Governor steps back in and raises the gun and says, ‘No,” and pulls the trigger. And the original intent of the scene was that you were actually supposed to believe for a second that The Governor was going to keep Merle alive, and Merle was going to watch him kill his brother, like he talked about briefly in [episode] 311. So there was a slightly different intent there.”