The Walking Dead: The Governor Originally Planned To Kill Daryl First

Spoiler warning for the “This Sorrowful Life” episode of The Walking Dead. In the “This Sorrowful Life” episode of The Walking Dead, Merle Dixon took on The Governor and his army all by himself. After The Governor’s men captured Merle, The Governor insisted on handling Merle himself.

While the fight scene between The Governor and Merle was intense and showed The Governor biting off some of Merle’s fingers, it turns out there was originally more to the scene than what was shown on TV. In an interview with The Walker Stalkers, Producer and Director Greg Nicotero revealed that in the original cut the fight between The Governor and Merle was a little big longer and a little more brutal.

Nicoreto explained, “The whole time that he is beating up Merle, The Governor was saying to him, “I’m going to kill your brother. You’re going to watch him die, and you’re going to watch him torn apart. And he puts his arm into that machine and breaks it, and The Governor walks away and walks out of the shot.”

Nicotero continued, “Leaving Merle alone, and then Merle says, ‘I’m not going to beg.” And then, The Governor steps back in and raises the gun and says, ‘No,” and pulls the trigger. And the original intent of the scene was that you were actually supposed to believe for a second that The Governor was going to keep Merle alive, and Merle was going to watch him kill his brother, like he talked about briefly in [episode] 311. So there was a slightly different intent there.”

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